Flow and Change - Review by Wolfgang Giese

It is not so long ago that I Album Talking With Strangers introduced. However, that was originally published in 2009 and already so this is present "Flow And Change", the new album is really one of the ladies of the British folk. Although it is stylistically close to a large extent to the previous, but I said there still of folk prog, so this reduces to less that direction. The music seems more intimate, folky and sounds very British, pretty much what this particular folk direction was marked earlier: some bizarre elements by slow rhythms and by this very special kind of melancholy. "Black Dog Dreams", accompanied by sounds of howling dogs, however, reminds me very much to quiet title of Pink Floyd !

But already in the next song, strings and piano determine the image of the beautiful sound, the strong traces of emotion towards nostalgia, dreams, and also includes satisfaction. To this very clear English pronunciation, which acts as pleasant old-fashioned. For the atmosphere of the music, the producer is certainly again Alistair Murphy mainly responsible, who is also co-author of some songs.
A crow guides "Crowbaby", where the little crows child is comforted that mom and dad for it will be there until then it will fledge. Lyrical moments with a short and beautiful guitar solo in the middle of, until at "Drift Away" again rule the violins sweetly and quietly it sounds here, for sure some boring for other pure relaxation. Beautiful she is almost through, the music, the vocal arrangements are perfect, everything seems in harmony harmony, very much the mood on piano / vocals is built. Then the songs develop and produce a nearly uniform mood.

Thus, the plate acts as such closed than its predecessor. If you like variety, but may be disappointed.As in "Talking With Strangers" a long track is also offered here, "The Sisterhood Of Ruralists" - a title that somehow me Donovan recalls. But instead of earlier experiments with Robert Fripp String elements govern again and thus bring a little humor from a classical music. But mainly it is also typical British folk of bygone days, which has its say. Judy's voice fits this simple ideal, and if even the dulcimer then shows up in such a pleasant sound, and then flows to the song in a dreamy, romantic mood, then a get warm around the heart and the call for a cozy spot, a lot of peace and comfort are loud.

Perhaps the music of the new CD in their overall impression may have become less experimental, but much more consistent and beautiful - yes, beautiful even! Perhaps the autumn record of the year?


08.10.2013 Wolfgang Giese