Judy Dyble and Andy Lewis

Summer Dancing

Format: CD
Label: Acid Jazz
Catalogue No: AJXCD416
Release Date: August, 2017

Judy Dyble

Songs In Waiting

Format: CD
Label: Starcrazy
Catalogue No: STC0004
Release Date: July, 2017

Judy Dyble with Dave Thompson

Autobiography -An Accidental Musician

Format: Other
Label: Soundcheck Books
Catalogue No: ISBN 978-0-9932120-3-1
Release Date: April, 2016

Judy Dyble -Anthology

Gathering The Threads- (Fifty Years of Stuff)

Format: CD
Label: Starcrazy
Catalogue No: SC001-003
Release Date: March, 2015

Judy Dyble

Live at WMJazz

Format: CD
Label: Cromerzone
Catalogue No: CZ00019
Release Date: August, 2014