Hello Keith, Delighted that you have found me, indeed Simon and I were happily married for many years until his sad death in 1994. I am glad you are enjoying the articles he wrote, anything to do with music was his greatest pleasure :-) ~ Judy

oddly i arrived here because i was trying to find out who simon stable was as i had just bought a batch of vintage music papers at a boot sale that contained fascinating articles written by someone of that name.i didn't know of the connection with judy dyble at all-despite loving her vocals on the first fairport album and trader horne which i got in the early 70's....even got the wonderful anthology cd ...which might even mention that connection in the tiny sleevenotes, now that i think about it!

Steve Pesch

Sort of spooky that I was listening to Fairport tonight and that led me to you, on of all days your birthday. You were outstanding on that first album and we all listened to that piece of vinyl often. It was breakthrough work back then. I hope you're well and enjoying life. Happy Birthday Judy!

Stefaan Margory

" I Talk To The Wind" in replay for hours now ;-)
Happy B-Day, Judy!


Love your version of See Emily Play. Sensational. Ty.


Hello Judy,

A note from Holland.
Just received the "songs in waiting", wonderful music.
Looking forward for the new CD.
Have a collection of your music and I like it very much!

With regards,

todd dillingham


Chris O

Holiday greetings to the amazing Judy Dyble!
My decision to buy SHOOT OUT THE LIGHTS by Richard & Linda Thompson payed off in ways I never would have imagined. Ultimately I have been brought to a wealth of music and art thanks to that initial purchase. Fairport Convention, Sandy Denny, Fotheringay, Gay & Terry Woods, Steleye Span, The Albion Band, Shirley and Dolly Collins and many more. At last I happily have the opportunity to plunge into your body of work which I am finding beautiful, mysterious, inventive, hypnotic and fantastic!
Looking forward to new discoveries within your music.
Thank you and Happy 2017!
Chris O

Michael Pister

Hello Judy,

glad i found your website. Just listened to your rendition of "I talk to the wind" and got the urge to google you. Nice that i can say "Thank You" for that vocal gem. Your voice is so soothing and unique...

Keith B. Keller

Hi Judy, Just doing a bit of research and found this site. Very much appreciating your comments on Facebook and your general sense of humor. Should you ever wish to contact me the email used for friends, family and the music-biz is..... Regards, Keith