Hi Judy. I'm a 50-something fan of yours from America (Ohio). I discovered you somewhat late, in the '80s via the Canterbury Scene (Lol Coxhill et al). I've since enjoyed your crystal voice via Fairport, Giles, Giles and Fripp, and Trader Horne. I had no idea you released so much solo music, and I'm amazed how your voice has changed so little since the '60s. Any chance you will visit America soon? Thanks for the great music! (and a lovely website)

Judy D

Ah thank you NAS, what a lovely thing to read..
I shall try to continue to make music for you enjoy as long as I can :-)

Judy x


I've been a fan since the first Fairport album and what a joy it has been to listen to your current releases.

Every Wednesday night my old school mates and I meet and listen to cds. Last night we played Talking with Strangers. It went down a storm.

So I raise a glass of Bushmills to you lovely lady.Here's to you, life and music.

Judy D

Delightful to hear from you Mike.. have many happy memories of Northamptonshire and the libraries. Hard work, but great fun!!

Hope all is well with you..


Hi Judy
A friend from your Pioneer Avenue days in the late 70s. I'll never forget the first time I worked with you at Desborough library and discovering that you were that Judy Dyble from my favourite ever band. You may remember a house warming party in our tiny semi in Market Harborough. I remember Simon as the warmest and kindest man.
So glad to see you still creating great music.

Dave & Brigitte

Hello Jude,
Just had a listen to your new material, "LUSH SOUND" passion and coming from your heart as always. The only way to make music sound real, is for the artists to be real, and that you are my song-bird friend! So good to hear you're beautiful voice flowing out into the spring time air, we all need something fresh and wonderful to counter-act all the down trodden, depressing news on T.V. these days....thanks for giving us more of your heart and soul through music - as the person said before me - refreshing!
I second that motion!
Love Ya Jude.....Dave


Thank you :-)

Stephen Crutcher

"Flow and Change" snippets sounding great, and - once again - not like anybody else currently recording! In a world of nicking, influence, sampling, remixes, mediocrity, and recording seesions that all "sound" the same (dynamics, frequency range, effects, compression, and musical pigeon-holing) it is refreshing to hear an idiosyncratic and unique sound.

John Richmond

Greyhounds do that!

But, more commonly, they do this:

Judy D

Thankyou and yes I will. My greyhound has just demolished a cardboard box...