Jenny Parsons

Lovely new website Jude.. looking forward to seeing you when summer comes (hahaha!) xx

Johnny Myrvold

Nice new site Judy. Love your music and looking forward to the new album. Hope to meet you sometime...any plans to visit Norway?
See ya!

Johnny "the Norwegian"

simon withers

Lovely site Judy


Looks great, Judy. Love the illustrations, too.

Anji Spangle

Great website - informative *and* delightful - onwards and upwards!

Steve Lane

Great looking site Judy :-)


Rick Davis

great site Judy.

Andy Leslie

What a lovely new website! With this AND new management, you cannot fail to conquer the few hearts that have resisted you so far!

Peace and love


Dan Ogus

Very smart looking website, Jude, all the best ! x

Judy D

Thankyou for all your lovely messages, I am also sorry for the need to have a capcha, but the amounts of spam I get otherwise is very irritating!