Han de Vries

Hi Judy, hope u are doing good. After two years I still listen very frequently to Talking With Strangers. This is such a fantastic album and will always be. So I decided to order the record with the new cover design and the vinyl EP. Thank u very much and take good care. Hugs, Han.

Harry Byrne

Hi Judy its great to be connected with you again after over 40 yrs I was one of the first and few to buy your album morning way in Dublin you have for me transcended time your music fresh then fresh now I have always raved about you love music you are up their wih all the greats.

Judy D

Hello to all and thank you for your lovely messages.. John K, I loved living in Northamptonshire, the cows were something else weren't they :-)
Those were the days..

John Kellett

We were neighbours in the 1970s! It was a long time ago, but 'Hello' anyway.
You and Simon were very interesting neighbours for a teenager in a backward Northamptonshire, such as the incident of the cattle in the garden :-)

Mike Halls

I only know you by way of being a latter day Fairport fan, but you accepted me as a friend on facebook, and you come across as a lovely "hello, very lovely to meet you", in a kind of virtual way ???


Jenny Parsons

Lovely new website Jude.. looking forward to seeing you when summer comes (hahaha!) xx

Johnny Myrvold

Nice new site Judy. Love your music and looking forward to the new album. Hope to meet you sometime...any plans to visit Norway?
See ya!

Johnny "the Norwegian"

simon withers

Lovely site Judy


Looks great, Judy. Love the illustrations, too.

Anji Spangle

Great website - informative *and* delightful - onwards and upwards!