Site looks terrific Jude, congratulations

Adrian W

Sigh, that should have been "say" not "hay".

Adrian W

Congratulations all on the new site, and hoping for musical delights.

Can I hay how much I regret the necessity of captcha?


Lovely.... looking forward to new things xxxx

Metro96 (Keith)

Nice site Jude.
Well done!
(& to Jane & Paul too)
Now I know what all the clandestine mutterings about websites was all about. :-)

Viv G

Really good web site!Have bookmarked it:-)


Nice one Jude!

Barry Howard

New beginnings indeed. Nice one, Jude!

Carolyn Evans

Wonderful stuff and you are in good hands! xxx

Dave Preston

nice website Jude .. Don't forget you have to clean it daily and polish it until it shines Ohh my you are going to be busy