Judy D

Thankyou for all your lovely messages, I am also sorry for the need to have a capcha, but the amounts of spam I get otherwise is very irritating!


Site looks terrific Jude, congratulations

Adrian W

Sigh, that should have been "say" not "hay".

Adrian W

Congratulations all on the new site, and hoping for musical delights.

Can I hay how much I regret the necessity of captcha?


Lovely.... looking forward to new things xxxx

Metro96 (Keith)

Nice site Jude.
Well done!
(& to Jane & Paul too)
Now I know what all the clandestine mutterings about websites was all about. :-)

Viv G

Really good web site!Have bookmarked it:-)


Nice one Jude!

Barry Howard

New beginnings indeed. Nice one, Jude!

Carolyn Evans

Wonderful stuff and you are in good hands! xxx