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May….it’s halfway through May! Eeeek! - (Archive)

Freya has turned one this month.. I can’t believe how fast the year has gone..  I should have been to Paris and back to do some early promotion for TWS which will be released there very soon, but postponements have meant that I should be going in a week or so..

Hope everybody that wants to natter will wait for me.. My bag has been packed and unpacked in readiness for ages and as for poor Whizzy.. I’ve packed and unpacked her so often she doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going… It will sort itself out and it has just been an unforeseen combination of impossible events that caused the postponements.. Fingers crossed..

2nd April 2010 - (Archive)

Good grief! Where did March go? Anyway, Tim and Alistair came with me to Norway at the end of February. We were there to promote the release of Talking With Strangers on Termo Records for the whole of Scandinavia. we flew in to Rygge airport and the countryside looked beautiful with street lamps reflected in the snow. And boy! was there snow. It was -16C, but without the biting wind and general dampness of here, it felt quite fine..