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Well how lovely!

Look! I am signing a contract with James Nicholls of Fire Records and Kyle Lonsdale of Earth Recordings. And we are celebrating in my garden -smiley Prosecco and Jam Tarts. What else?cool :-)

Lovely lovely lovely! 

And if you look on the reviews page there are lots of fab reviews of the Anthology :-)

2020 I have been remiss..

But anyway.. here I am and here we all are in the middle of the strangest time of locked down, shielded and slightly anxious about the future and how it will be..

I left you all hanging about in 2018 so I'd best go back a bit to 


My 70th year of being on this earth and it was celebrated in style at the wonderful and Iconic Troubadour Club in London. Jackie and Brendan McAuley joined me and the Band of Perfect Strangers, and we sang a whole variety of Jackie's songs, Trader Horne songs and my own songs. It was a wonderful evening '