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Folk In The Foyer 12th October Conquest Theatre Bromyard HR7 4LL

Oh Gawrsharoonie!!

I nearly forgot to put this here!

The next gig is in three days time!!

 12th October 2018

Folk In The Foyer

Conquest Theatre


Herefordshire HR7 4LL

Here's the link to buy tickets..




Oooops I forgot - 2017

September 2017

Oh dear.... I promised to keep you all updated didn't I?

And then I forgot. Sorrysorrysorry! Let's see if I can remember What Happened Next...

The promised album was delayed and delayed by various things outside everyone's control, but some jolly wonderful things took place in the meantime..

The autobiography sold reasonably well and had some wonderful reviews

Cropredy Set list

Judy Dyble and the Perfect Strangers

Fairport’s Cropredy Convention Set List

12th August 1.10 pm to 2.10 pm

Black Dog Dreams


If I Had A Ribbon Bow


I Talk To the Wind


Broken Day

See What Your Words

Velvet to Atone

Sisterhood of Ruralists