2nd April 2010 - (Archive)

Good grief! Where did March go? Anyway, Tim and Alistair came with me to Norway at the end of February. We were there to promote the release of Talking With Strangers on Termo Records for the whole of Scandinavia. we flew in to Rygge airport and the countryside looked beautiful with street lamps reflected in the snow. And boy! was there snow. It was -16C, but without the biting wind and general dampness of here, it felt quite fine..

Well the next two days were a flurry of activity with two major tv appearances and one major radio broadcast and lots of interviews with magazines and websites and all sorts.. one of the tv appearances is linked on the video section, if you’d care to see what I look like after getting up at 4am and then being covered in makeup. Did a good job of filling in most of the cracks though..

We were accompanied by three wonderful Norwegian musicians Ellen Wang on double bass, Ketil Einarsen on flute, and Norwegian Grammy nominated sax player Svein Magnus Furu, who just played as though we’d been rehearsing for years instead of a couple of hours… Wonderful!

What happened in March though? Really just the normal everyday things, dentists , doctors, lunches with grandchild (and her parents and other Granny) and a visit from my daughter and her husband. We  went to see these (zebra finches playing guitars) at the Barbican Centre.. quite magical.

And now it’s April and I am preparing to sing with the Roots Union at the Oxford Folk Festival.  Just the one song…sigh.. but I may sing it again somewhere else

The collaboration with Lee Fletcher and Markus Reuter, now titled ‘Newborn Creatures’ is gathering speed, with some wonderful people adding bits to the songs. I keep hearing smidgens as it evolves…

And the beginnings of Jude2 with Alistair and Tim is in its infancy.

Oh yes, nearly forgot…Talking With Strangers is shortly released in France by Virgin so I will be off to Paris, hopefully with Tim and Alistair and the Norwegian three to do more TV and radio and interviews very soon. Then there’s America…..eeek!

Speak soon

Judy xx

P.S this is my first attempt at writing on this here new Website, (which I hope you all like) and I’m not sure whether the links will work or not. Here goes….