Classic Rock Presents Prog Interview and News… - (Archive)

Well the news is that hopefully Newborn Creatures will be released in June 2011… here’s a picture of the cover, the artwork has been created by Catherine Hyde and is fabulous

Partially co-written by Lee Fletcher who also produced and mixed the album and partially co-written by Markus Reuter  both of whom played on all the tracks, and with contributions by, amongst others, Steve Bingham, Alan Burton, Luca Calabrese, BJ Cole, and many brilliant others, (there’s a list on Lee’s website) it sounds gorgeous, - one cover of a Scott Walker Song and the rest self penned and co-written. I am really looking forward to sending it out into the world..

If you can find a copy of the latest Classic Rock Presents Prog (Issue No 16 out today 20th April!) there is a five page interview about wot I have done, with pictures and lovely natterings from some of the people I have worked with over the years and best of all (but for UK purchasers only) a CD sampler of my work, 2 songs from Newborn Creatures, 2 from Talking With Strangers and 3 demo tracks from my dim and distant (and in one case not so distant) past  which will be on the Anthology for release later in the year. I hope.

Here’s a pic of the front and back cover of the sampler CD

both with artwork used in the TWS album by the lovely Jackie Morris  and that is the end of todays news  xxxx