Flow and Change is on it's way

My new album Flow and Change, is about to be released on the *1st July 2013 (fingers crossed) by the lovely Gonzo Multimedia  people. www.gonzomultimedia.co.uk

It has wonderful people playing on it including Pat Mastelotto, Julianne Regan, Matt Malley and Mike Mooney. It has string quartets and thunder, french horns and cellos, dogs howling and dulcimers as well as many of the great people who played on talking with Strangers, Mark Fletcher and Jeremy Salmon. And not forgetting Alistair (The Curator) Murphy without whom nothing would have happened,. He has co-written and produced and engineered and played many of the instruments while keeping me from imploding at various stages in the creation of this album. Wonderful artwork by Catherine Hyde and two more Jackie Morris images, make it all brilliant. Well I reckon so anyway. And it's mine so I can

It is now ready for pre-ordering for release on the *1st July 2013 on Gonzo Multimedia 's site


here on Amazon.co.uk amongst others....


Yippee! gringringrin smiley

* Please Note New Release Date