Newborn Creatures - (Archive)

Hmmm. Well I am very sorry to have to say seemingly my album, ‘Newborn Creatures‘ will now not be released in its current incarnation. Lee Fletcher and Markus Reuter have decided to remove my songwords and my vocals and artwork and anything to do with me from the recording. I do not know what they intend to do with what is left, but they have stated that they intend to release my album without me in some form and at some point in the future.

I have been trying very hard to find a solution to the difficulties that have arisen between us all. Although an agreement was reached at their request, after the completion of negotiations the parameters and the agreed terms were changed by them, and then, suddenly Lee and Markus decided to totally withdraw from the contract negotiations and the entire project.

It was never my intention to undervalue their contribution to the project, but it seems that that was their assumption, and I am sorry that they felt that way.

This has seriously damaged my delight in the music that I have made for this album, and it feels as though someone has deliberately set fire to a beautiful sonic painting that can never be reproduced. And the magic that was such an integral part of it has been drowned in a sea of misunderstandings.

Perhaps I can salvage the words and find a new and sympathetic home for them.

Onwards and upwards.