November 2010 - (Archive)

I had to have yet another spine op on a stupid squinched disc, so I have been a bit out of action lately, but all is recovering slowly and things should now start to happen again. In fact the world of Jude seems to have been full of not-very-wellnesses and falling-apartnesses for the last few months- not only me but other vital ‘cogs’ in the machine have also been suffering. So stuff that should have happened hasn’t. In fact it has been a really silly year all round.

ok updates…


This should now be on it’s way to all those that have ordered it.. I haven’t got my copy yet so I hope it looks ok!

- GREY OCTOBER DAY single  and remixes

This is all imminent and happening and (rats!) we have missed October, so it is being released in November (well that’s pretty close)

More info soon..

And I have just recorded the final vocal for the new album. So hopefully that is being added to amd mixed and finished off. There are snippets on my myspace to hear, but it won’t be released till next year- sorry!

Think that’s it for now. Gloomy old day outside with a chilly wind.

Judy xx