'Summer Dancing' Judy Dyble/Andy Lewis

LP and CD released on August 18th 2017

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Songwriter-player-producer Andy Lewis is introduced to Judy Dyble, erstwhile vocalist with folk luminaries Fairport Convention and proto-King Crimson founder who, after a somewhat extended stay out of music has been been making a low-key, experimental return.

Connections completed, the pair draw from their rural-urban upbringings and like-minded interests in history and culture, early ideas are swapped electronically albeit fragments of tracks and lyrics that the pair have accumulated over the years. Weeks later and these formative ideas have evolved into Summer Dancing – a kaleidoscopic collection of audio snapshots that Andy describes thus; “with Judy’s words and and my bucolic melancholia this was the kind of record I always wanted to make.”

Drawn from a smorgasbord of lost loves, duplicitous acts and friendships and inspired in part by folklore and the joy and optimism of being alive, pure and simple, the tracks take shape under Andy’s watchful gaze. The wonderful rural aura harnessed by the metropolitan backdrop of 60’s pop that both players experienced growing up – as Judy says “I’m stuck with this folk tag but my basis was pop music, it was The Lovin’ Spoonful and The Byrds.” Despite the two-decade age gap, Judy explains; “it’s childhood that connects us, also psychedelia. I experienced it first hand all those years ago.” Andy agrees; “I’ve never felt so in tune with someone before,” adding, “in a parallel universe, you could have ended up making records for Deram and been a sensational pop siren.”

Perhaps that time is now.

Summer Dancing is released on 18th August 2017 through Acid Jazz and available to purchase here and via all reputable outlets.

Summer Dancing is:

1. Intro

2. He Said She Said

3. Up The Hill

4. Summer Dancing

5. No Words

6. A Message

7. Night Of 1000 Hours

8. London

9. My Electric Chauffeur

10. Treasure

11. The Day They Took The Music Away

12. Such Fragile Things

13. Summers Of Love

14.Tired Bones

15. The Weathermonger