Talking With Strangers News

Am delighted to say that there will be a new release of Talking With Strangers on vinyl by Tonefloat. This time with Jackie Morris Artwork, which will look wonderful as a 12" cover. Hopefully that will be up for sale soon on the Tonefloat website

And I am more than delighted that Gonzo Multimedia will be releasing Talking With Strangers in the USA, as a proper release and not as an import. So hopefully many more people will be able to hear the music that I am so proud of. Hooray!

I am trying to cobble together an autobiography. It is taking ages because I keep finding other things to do like walking the dog or making a cup of coffee or indeed eating a biscuit. I am nagging myself quite severely to get on with it. Which I will..

And  some news about the new as yet untitled, music. It has gone off to have strings attached to it. Violin, viola, cello, double bass. Those kind of strings. And I believe a flute will be involved. I am so looking forward to hearing it all. Won't be long now..(Fingers crossed!) :-)