…was different though. Marc Swordfish of the techno/dance/trance band Astralasia contacted me. Could he please sample my voice? Would I sing something for him? as he really liked my voice in the Trader Horne days. ‘Coo!’ I thought, ‘that’ll be something different’. I made sure that he realised that my 55-year-old voice was somewhat different to my 18-year-old voice, but otherwise, fine. ‘What did he want me to do?

He sent me some ‘loops’. Said ‘see what words you can find to fit’. The loops were just that. The same riff played over and over. Well I’d not heard anything like that in my life and at first I found it really hard to work out what to do, but gradually one or two of the loops began to suggest a phrase and a rhythm. So by the time he came up to see me with his laptop, I had two sets of words ready to sing against the loops. So that’s what I did. He recorded them and went away. A couple of months later he sent me a copy of a rough mix. I was amazed at what he had done. So gradually over the next two years we worked by that same method and ended up with a whole CD of fresh songs, ‘Enchanted Garden’. I still haven’t met many of the musicians that worked on it, I’m sure I’ll meet them one day, but they all played superbly and made the CD sound wonderful. We are currently working on the next CD. Watch this space.

Now I live with my elderly greyhound Tiggy. Curly-tongued biter of Tulips.