5th Band – Dyble Coxhill & the MB’s (occasionally known as Penguin Dust) – 1971

This was a strange one. Through Simon (I was married to him by now) I met up with Lol Coxhill and Steve and Phil Miller of the Caravan/Delivery/Canterbury Bands circle. We formed DC & the MBs, (Dyble, Coxhill and the Miller Brothers) a truly strange band. We did a few gigs in Holland and then fell apart. Nothing remains of them. No recordings, no photos, just an old set-list. It was good though and very jazzy as Lol tended to be. I’m not sure who the drummer and bass player were –Jack Monk and Laurie Allen according to one family tree.

Lol still playing, as is Phil Miller. Steve sadly passed away in 1998.