Fairport Convention remastered with bonus tracks

Fairport Convention
068 291-2
March, 2003
# Track Title Writers Guest musicians Duration
1. Time Will Show The Wiser Emitt Rhodes   3:04
2. I Don't Know Where I Stand Joni Mitchell   3:43
3. If (Stomp) Ian MacDonald, Richard Thompson   2:45
4. Decameron Ghosh, Horvitch, Richard Thompson   3:42
5. Jack O' Diamonds Bob Dylan, Ben Carruthers   3:28
6. Portfolio Judy Dyble, Ashley Hutchings   1:58
7. Chelsea Morning Joni Mitchell   3:03
8. Sun Shade Ghosh, Horvitch, Richard Thompson   3:46
9. The Lobster Painter, Ashley Hutchings, Richard Thompson   4:45
10. It's Alright Ma, It's Only Witchcraft Ashley Hutchings, Richard Thompson   3:12
11. One Sure Thing Harvey Brooks, Jim Glover   2:52
12. M.1 Breakdown Ashley Hutchings, Simon Nicol   1:23
Bonus Tracks
13. Suzanne Leonard Cohen   5:45
14. If I Had A Ribbon Bow Huey Prince, Louis Singer   2:40
15 Morning Glory Tim Buckley   3:09
16. Reno, Nevada Richard Fariña   7:43


Ian MacDonald, lead vocals, jew's harp;
Judy Dyble, lead vocals, electric & acoustic autoharps, recorder, piano;
Richard Thompson, vocals, lead, electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin;
Simon Nicol, vocals, 12 & 6 string electric & acoustic guitars;
Tyger Hutchings, bass guitar, jug;
Martin Lamble, percussion, violin

Tracks 1-12 produced by Joe Boyd & Tod Lloyd for Witchseasons Productions;
Tracks 13-14 produced by Joe Boyd for Witchseasons Productions;
Tracks 15-16 produced by Fairport Convention, recorded Saturday, April 27, 1968 and broadcast on the French TV show Bouton Rouge