Flow and Change - Review from JerryLucky.com

Judy Dyble – Flow and Change (2013 Gonzo Multimedia) After a long and silent period we are graced with yet more new music from Folk legend Judy Dyble known for her work with Fairport Convention. Following up on the 2009 release Talking With Strangers she has returned with Flow and Change and the first thing you notice is that there is a more electric and harder  edge to the music. That said there is no mistaking this is still very much a Folk inspired recording that’s not afraid to push the boundaries creating its own sub-genre. Beautiful string arrangements lend an emotional element that carries these songs to dreamy, ethereal heights. As expected everything musical revolves around her distinctive vocal talents. Sometimes it’s voice and piano, sometimes there is a fuller instrument arrangement. These are songs that tell stories as is the tradition of folk music. The feel is mellow, relaxed, dreamy and it will inevitably draw you in. Dyble and Fairport fans will thoroughly love the music here but new fans will unquestionably be won over.