Flow and Change - Review from Keys and Chords

Judy is certainly not unknown to even the earliest of Folk music lovers. She was one of the founders and early singers of Fairport Convention. However, her musical aspirations began earlier with Judy and the Folkmen (1964- 1966).

After these musical beginnings she became the first lead singer of Fairport Convention, singing on their debut album. Following her stay with Fairport Convention she took a new musical direction with Ian McDonald, who would go on to form Foreigner. When they advertised for musicians in Melody Maker, Peter & Mike Giles and Robert Fripp famously applied; they would go on to form King Crimson.

Today Judy is still developing new music, and her new album Flow and Change shows a continuing cutting edge. This is music that will make you cry, and also music that will make you laugh. Most of all it is music that will grab you by the balls.

Judy selected Alistair Murphy (The curator), with whom she also wrote many of the numbers (on the album). We also get contributions from Matt Malley (bass - Counting Crows), Julianne Regan (vocal - All About Eve), Pat Mastelotto (drums - King Crimson) and others.

Some of these powerful numbers made our jaws drop : the opening Black Dog Dreams has superb magical piano playing (think of A Salty Dog by Procul Harum); the supporting Beautiful Child (Freya's Song); and the intimacy of The Driftway, where Judy also provides the backing vocals; the serious value of piano backing is made obvious on the sublime Silence. All numbers which will undoubtedly inspire you. And then we cannot forget her grand opus The Sisterhood of Ruralists.

With this new release, Judy Dyble does not restrict herself to the beautiful Fairylike vocals of the early Fairport Convention or Trader Horn, a little later. With this music she conducts us to an adult world, not the world of the young Fairport Convention, who had a deep regard for the fantasy of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Whether this new offering will be heard by the wider CD-buying public may be a question, but diehard fans of Fairport Convention, Trader Horn and Richard Thompson.... will pick up this album without a moment's hesitation..

From Keys and Chords August 8th 2013
Translated by Trevor Jones