Flow and Change - Review from Rootstime

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I hear you thinking: " Judy Dyble ? " " The Judy Dyble " The Judy Dyble of Fairport Convention ? Yes , that Judy Dyble , which you and I thought they had stopped since that first Fairport Plate making music . Or at least we never heard of anything so thick thirty years ... Yes, they made ​​recordings with the people who later became King Crimson , she was half of the duo Trader Horne and showed himself sometimes in the company of DC & the MB 's or Cropredy with Fairport , but was also the years of waiting for work of her .

A first sign comeback came in 2004 with the album here completely unnoticed " Enchanted Garden" , and two years later there were two plots , as little twisted CDs " Spindle " and "The Whorl " . In 2009 followed " Talking with Strangers " and came "Star Crazy " and each of those records in 2011 , I can only say that they exist , but I have not heard a note .

For me the new " Flow and Change " came as a complete surprise to so and I can already tell you right away : it has become a beautiful plate .

Judy's voice seems to have remained untouched after all these years : she sings still flawless and crystal clear and they let that voice be surrounded by cascading pianoriedels , soft violins and very, very quiet rock tones. This results in a dozen very nice , understated folk songs , which I saw something described as " girl music " . I think that's true : just pure beauty , only female lyricism , each sharp edge carefully removed so that the listener is forced to listen without being distracting by movements like foot tapping or swaying derived .

There may also be a man enjoy , however , though I 'm strongly that aging has helped me : Thirty years ago I would probably not many ballads on a plate treaties . Today , with the autumn sun that warms the garden , I have not the slightest difficulty . Though I wonder if this music really is this time . She is so at odds with the hectic life which rotates each of us , that it is really used . You really need this music "income " , otherwise it does not really .

If you succeed , you're ready for almost fifty minutes silent splendor , you sometimes goes back in time , then she's downright timeless. I do not think there is much point to mention titles already , I hope you like a tip: if you want to have what the record suggests and you have not a clue really much time, then just listen to the closing " The Sisterhood or Ruralists " , is a real piece de resistance of about 12 minutes , where you take the real Judy Dyble music and what it stands for , get served in a beautiful song !

( Dani Heyvaert )