Spindle - Reviewed by Kingsley Abbott

**** (Talking Elephant TECD 084)

Spindle Album CoverWhat Judy did in her holidays…….

The unlikely pairing of Ex-Fairporter Dyble and Marc Swordfish was always likely to produce some contrasting textures, and this second album of their collaboration does not disappoint.

Attention is grabbed dramatically with the opening cover of See Emily Play, where Judy is found amid an arresting attack of electronic rhythm that powers a track so different that it could get club and radio attention.

Thereafter things settle into a more relaxed Arcadian groove with the melodic Fingest immediately catching the ear. Judy’s old pal Robert Fripp contributes striking guitar lines and a soundscape to Shining, where everyone’s talents are equally spotlighted.

Judy’s lyrics include wistful reflection as on the well-shaped Misty Morning, the tender love of Fingest, and the heartfelt closing track Thank You My Dear.

Including wider instrumentation of banjo, dulcimer, flute and saxes than its preceding Enchanted Garden, this album will fascinate many long-standing fans and gather many new ones.

Kingsley Abbott
Record Collector : May 2006