Spindle - Reviewed by Peter Cann

Review in the Oxford Times : 24/03/06

Spindle Album Cover……..Sandy Denny is remembered for her work with Fairport but she was not the original singer. That honour goes to Judy Dyble who lives near Bicester. She sang on the first album simply called Fairport Convention. They were not, she says. the British Jefferson Airplane as the media was keen to dub them. Judy later went on to sing with Robert Fripp before King Crimson, but, until recently , she has been out of the music scene. Well, she has a new album,Spindle (Talking Elephant). This is far removed from the folk world. In fact, from the very first track, a version of See Emily Play, you are swept along by a trance-like mix of fast beats overlayed with Judy’s gentle voice. It is cleverly produced by Marc Swordfish, who co-wrote the material with Judy, and indeed features Mr Fripp on guitar, along with the superb banjo playing of Dave ‘Doc Mahone’ Russell. It has a New Age aura about it and before you know it you are caught in its spell.

Peter Cann