Talking with Strangers

Judy Dyble
Fixit Records
August, 2009
# Title Writers Guest musicians Duration
1. Neverknowing (Tim Bowness, Alistair Murphy) Dyble (voice) - Bowness (additional voice) - Nicol (acoustic guitar)  
2. Jazzbirds (Bowness, Judy Dyble, Murphy) Dyble (voice + autoharp) - Bowness/McShee (additional voices) - Murphy (acoustic guitar, organ, keyboards)  
3. C'est La Vie (Greg Lake, Pete Sinfield) Dyble (voice) - Bowness, Regan, Humphris (additional voices) - Murphy (acoustic guitar, organ, keyboards) - Ian McDonald (flute) - Fletcher (bass) - Mastelotto (drums and percussion).  
4. Talking with Strangers (Dyble, Bowness, Murphy) Dyble (voice) - Bowness (additional voice) - Murphy (piano and Dynatron)  
5. (In the) Dreamtime (Dyble, John Gillies) Dyble (voice + autoharp) - Bowness/McShee (additional voices) - Murphy (acoustic guitar, 12 string guitar, electric guitar, organ, piano, keyboards) - Gillies (acoustic guitar) - McDonald (alto flute) - Fletcher (bass) - Mastelotto (drums and percussion).  
6. Grey October Day (Dyble, Bowness, Murphy) Dyble/Bowness (voices) - Murphy (piano, organ, acoustic guitar) - A'Court (tenor + alto sax) - Fletcher (bass) - Mastelotto (drums and percussion)  
7. Harpsong (Dyble, Bowness, Murphy) Dyble (voice + autoharp) - Bowness (additional voice, electric guitar) - A'Court (tenor + alto sax) - Murphy (numerous instruments 10+) - Fletcher (H) (electric guitar) - Fletcher (bass) - Fripp (guitar and soundscapes) - Rachel Hall (violin) - McShee, Regan, Humphris (additional voices) - Sanchia Pattinson (oboe) - Nicol (acoustic guitar) - McDonald (lead alto sax, flute, alto flute, ukulele) - Mastelotto (drums and percussion) - Paul Robinson (electric guitar)  

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