Talking With Strangers - Reviewed by PA for Harmonie Magazine (Rough Translation)

Talking with Strangers Album CoverThe list of participants in the album may be sufficient to render account and make any fan salivate 70s: Ian McDonald (King Crimson, FOREIGNER) walks on the flute "Jazzbirds and his ukulele on" Harpsong, occurring and with Robert Fripp for the first time since a long time (!). Simon Nicol (Fairport Convention), Julianne Regan (All About Eve), Jacquie McShea (Pentangle), Celia Humphris (TREES), Alistair Murphy (CROMER MUSEUM), Pat Mastelotto, John Gillies are also involved.
Is that Judy Dyble, radiant sixties, is anything but unknown in the small world of rock. After thirty years of silence "Music said my name" again (said the beautiful autobiographical text, written and sung by Judy, who accompanies the 19 minute "Harpsong). Can not be overemphasized recommend attending the beautiful website of the lady, which shows that attendance and professional books gave him a nice little feather, sensitive and very feminine - to the image of his voice. Judy, in another life, accompanied the early days of Fairport Convention, then worked with Fripp, McDonald and Giles just before they become KING CRIMSON, and with the duo TRADER HORNE. She then left the music scene for thirty years, became a bookseller and a mother. Apparently one of the detonators of his return to music was the double invitation of Fairport Convention in two concerts of their birthdays. Three albums followed, but it is of a different caliber. It was designed and produced by Judy, Alistair Murphy, and Tim Bowness, well known to our services for misdeeds with Steven Wilson in NO MAN. And production of this album is absolutely astonishing sharpness, clarity and accuracy. Judy's voice, whose fragility and extreme sensitivity, sometimes evoke Annie Haslam (Renaissance), is quite unique. This album with a strong sound could be described if one insists on labels of progressive folk, but in reality it is a universe so personal, intimate, intense, we are reluctant to bring something else. The piano and guitar to take the foreground, accompanied by ethereal choirs, wandering flute, strings ... After six songs, clear Checked "Harpsong" shocked leaves, taking the same revenue but multiplying choirs, brass, ground in a musical autobiography of a quivering sensitivity, a rich harmonic and melodic unspeakable. In the register of the "epic" was not heard of such a perfect sound for ages. The combination of modern production, impeccable, and an inspiration rooted in the golden age of folk and rock, are irresistible to any lover of progressive rock. "Harpsong" also becomes gradually fever, to the point of fleeting mention of the early seventies VDGG and saxophonist insane, before abating wadded for a final, peaceful and soothing. It is an ageless music, an absolute discretion, which serves to showcase a warm and emotional voices at once. The impression, after listening to conversations in privacy-and easily-with a great lady. Surely one of the albums of the year. P.a.