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Interview with me and a review of TWS in The Rocktologist and where you can buy Talking With Strangers with two bonus tracks !!!

Jolly fine it is as well

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Talking With Strangers with two bonus tracks can now be bought from Gonzomultimedia's websites

here if you are in the USA and Canada

and here if you are in the UK 


Judy Dyble -The Sisterhood of Ruralists (edit)

Edit of  The Sisterhood of Ruralists composed by Judy Dyble and Alistair Murphy about the magic of four artists and their work - Catherine Hyde, Jackie Morris, Hannah Willow and Tamsin Abbott. Taken from the forthcoming Judy Dyble album 'Flow and Change' which was released in July 2013.

Vocals - Judy Dyble
Musicians - Alistair Murphy, Mark Fletcher, Pat Mastelotto,
Jeremy Salmon, Steve Bingham, Brenda Stewart, Lucy Mitchell.
Strings arranged by Phil Toms
Video created by Paul & Jane Merrick

In readiness for the US release of TWS by Gonzo Multimedia...

...the very splendid Mr Jon Downes has interviewed me for his Gonzo Multimedia blog.

You can read parts one and two here

Part one: 

and part two :

and hopefully part three will be here tomorrow.... :-)

Tonefloat Label Night 28th October 2012

Well. I did it!!! And I enjoyed it, the band enjoyed it and I hope the audienc enjoyed it. It was a wet and chilly Sunday night in London so I am grateful to all those who came to listen. The lovely Sand Snowman and his band were also playing along with the dutch bands 'The Use of Ashes' and 'Sleep of Reason' who were all very excellent

There is a review of the gig here

and there will be lots of pictures in the gallery soon. Here's another one to be going on with :-)



Nattering on TV and Nattering in Books

the Fairport Convention documentary is on BBC4 tonight 14th Sept 2012, and will be repeated later if you miss it. Or you can watch it on iPlayer I expect

I have been nattering in this documentarysmiley. I have forgotten what I said but I will no doubt find out.

Oooh just seen there's a bit of a clip on that link :-)

and then there is this