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Gig (eek!)

Well. I keep saying I don't do live gigs don't I? So what has made me say yes to this one? Eh?

It's on the 28th October at 229 The Venue, Great Portland St London

Tickets are available from here should you wish to venture to London

And there will be songs from Talking With Strangers and some from the new album, tentatively called 'Flow and Change'

It would be lovely to see you there... :-)

Talking With Strangers News

Am delighted to say that there will be a new release of Talking With Strangers on vinyl by Tonefloat. This time with Jackie Morris Artwork, which will look wonderful as a 12" cover. Hopefully that will be up for sale soon on the Tonefloat website

And I am more than delighted that Gonzo Multimedia will be releasing Talking With Strangers in the USA, as a proper release and not as an import. So hopefully many more people will be able to hear the music that I am so proud of. Hooray!

I am trying to cobble together an autobiography. It is taking ages because I keep finding other things to do like walking the dog or making a cup of coffee or indeed eating a biscuit. I am nagging myself quite severely to get on with it. Which I will..

R.I.P.Lol Coxhill 19 Sept 1932 -9th July 2012

Am really sad to hear of the death of Lol Coxhill with whom I worked or indeed played during the 70s' along with Steve and Phil Miller..

He was a lovely unique person and through playing with him discovered the joys of freeform improvisation. Not that I could do it, but I learned to love listening to it.

I am  proud to have  been a small part of his history.. 



Under New Management :-)

From today 17/3/2012, I will be managed by Paul Maynard of Impact Music. Contact details will be added in a minute. When he tells me what he wants me to write . New beginnings eh?

Here we go

Paul Maynard at Impact Music

Please use the above email for business purposes, or to contact me use this email or the contact form on the right hand side of the site.

Newborn Creatures - (Archive)

Hmmm. Well I am very sorry to have to say seemingly my album, ‘Newborn Creatures‘ will now not be released in its current incarnation. Lee Fletcher and Markus Reuter have decided to remove my songwords and my vocals and artwork and anything to do with me from the recording. I do not know what they intend to do with what is left, but they have stated that they intend to release my album without me in some form and at some point in the future.